City of God
Jericho Books (Hachette) February 4, 2014

Paradise is a garden....but Heaven is a city. As the hours of one Ash Wednesday unfold, Sara Miles explores faith in the streets of San Francisco's Mission District, where she has lived for twenty years.

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Jesus Freak
From the author of the acclaimed TAKE THIS BREAD, a new account of faith that Publishers Weekly calls "moving, compelling, provocative."
Rob Bell calls JESUS FREAK "one of the most inspiring books I've ever read."
Annie Lamott says "Sara Miles is amazing, a wild, unique, funny Christian."
Brian McLaren calls the book "beautiful, joyful, raucous, reverent."
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Take This Bread

With new guide for book clubs and study groups.

The story of an unexpected and terribly inconvenient Christian conversion, told by a very unlikely convert, TAKE THIS BREAD is not only a spiritual memoir but a call to action.

Raised as an atheist, Sara Miles lived an enthusiastically secular life as a restaurant cook and writer. Then early one morning, for no earthly reason, she wandered into a church. "I was certainly not interested in becoming a Christian," she writes. "Or, as I thought of it rather less politely, a religious nut."

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How to Hack A Party Line
In this wickedly funny and often disturbing tale of power, Sara Miles explores the back-room deals of canny Democratic Party insiders and twenty-eight-year-old mulitmillionare geeks as they attempt to build Silicon Valley's first political machine. Read more >

Native Dancer
Immediate, political and powerfully crafted poetry from the winner of a National Endowments for the Arts poetry grant. Read more >


Directed by Desire: The Collected Poems of June Jordan Edited by Jan Heller Levi and Sara Miles
Directed by Desire: The Collected Poems of June Jordan gathers the work from Jordan's ten books of poetry and includes 70 never-before-published poems-a tender, fierce, and innovative series that she wrote before her death.

As Adrienne Rich writes in her foreword to the book: "June Jordan . . . wrote from her experience in a woman's body and a dark skin, though never solely 'as' or 'for.' Sharply critical of nationalism, separatism, chauvinism of all kinds, as tendencies toward narrowness and isolation, she was too aware of democracy's failures to embrace false integrations. Her poetic sensibility was kindred to Blake's scrutiny of innocence and experience; to Whitman's vision of sexual and social breadth; to Gwendolyn Brooks' and Romare Bearden's portrayals of ordinary black people's lives; to James Baldwin's expression of the bitter contradictions within the republic."

Directed by Desire is a breathtaking overview and the definitive June Jordan volume. Read more >

Sara Miles is an editor for, and occasional contributor to, the Web site of FRONTLINE/World, the award-winning, independent, investigative PBS television and Web magazine of current world news. Click here to read her dispatch from Nicaragua. Buy it >

Opposite Sex
The past decade has seen an extraordinary outpouring of research, writing, and talk about lesbian and gay sexuality, triggered in part by the confluence of the AIDS epidemic, the feminist sex wars, and the development of queer studies. Yet many lesbian and gay writers and readers have been frustrated by recurring gaps and absences in the queer studies approach to sexuality, as well as by the limitations of explicit queer community discourse around sex.

Opposite Sex brings the sex back into queer studies, making real bodies, acts, and desires central to analysis of the complex relationships between male and female homosexualities, and their impact on lesbian and gay culture.

The contributors to this volume--scholars, artists, activists, and journalists--redress the remarkable dearth of thoughtful discourse about the many ways in which lesbian and gay men are implicated--and viewed within--in each other's sexual realities. Buy it >


Notes from the Pantry

Originally published in Nyssa News in July, 2006

It's a Girl!

Originally published in SALON in June, 2006

Anatomy of Reconciliation

Originally published in sermon form, for the Trinity Institute in January, 2006

By Water and By Fire

Originally published in God's Friends in August, 2001